37. KONFRONTATIONEN | 21. - 24. JULI 2016
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______________________________________________________________ Jazzgalerie
John Butcher - tenor sax, soprano sax
Thomas Lehn - analogue synthesizer
Matthew Shipp - piano

© Peter Gannushkin

John Butcher continues to refine. He continues to be elegant, rigorous, and profound in the way that he uses his instrument to converse using his individual syntax. His playing on this recording, however, is wild in turns. While still being rooted in a precise attention to timbre, it quite simply shreds with a certain abandon that feels slightly unhinged at points, and in a way that makes you so happy you are there to experience it.

Matthew Shipp is still a fount of ideas. He continues to be an unfettered conduit of gestures, shards of melodies, and full-blown sonic assault. But he is putting his lightning in pristine bottles and stacking them into designs we’ve never attributed to him before. There is an obvious sense of architecture in Shipp's playing here that is shocking in its ability to structure the way we perceive the trio improvisations.

And, yes, it is a trio. Shipp and Butcher are the A and B in my theoretical dyad. They represent two opposed ways of thinking that, luckily for the listener, meld beautifully, especially when they play against character. This leaves a very important space open for Mr. Lehn, the C. It is a rare pleasure to hear someone so in tune with a group's dynamics that she or he can forgo the parts for the whole and create from a distant place: not transcendent or confrontational, just . . . indescribable. Lehn is this element, and his synth colorings of the saxophone and piano and the subtlety of even his most aggressive electronic statements create certain aural-historical connections to psychedelia and 60s electronic experimentation via Stockhausen and the Columbia-Princeton Center.

Nate Wooley, Liner notes zu "tangle" (fataka.net)