sunday 15.07.07 14:30 @kleylehof
  • Ronnie Rocket's Barkestra
  • Phil Minton's "Feral Choir"
  • sunday 15.07.07 19:00 @jazzgalerie
  • Alberto Braida / Antonio Borghini / Edoardo Maraffa / Fabrizio Spera
  • Tony Buck / Magda Mayas
  • Oslo-Beirut Ensemble
  • Trio Offonoff

konfrontationen so: 15.07.2007 @ jazzgalerie nickelsdorf

@ kleylehof 14:30

Ronnie Rocket's Barkestra

Ronnie Rocket, Thomas Berghammer, Philipp Quehenberger, Marco Eneidi, DD Kern, Mike Willow
...Kriechtier im kruden Metropolis Morast
im schwülen Schlammbad am sumpfigen Flammpfad
Mammuts in kontaminierter Luft
Neonmotten im Überschallduft
abgefüllt im Monaden Traum
im freien Fall durch monströsen Raum...
(aus der Cyberpunk Poem Progression "ChromNacht")
und das alles am kleylehof......

Phil Minton's "Feral Choir"

Vorort wird der hochverehrte Vokalakrobat ca. 30 SängerInnen engagieren...
Some of the comments from previous Feral Choir participants are as follows:-
"You have let the sun enter into my head"
"Thank you for the most fantastic experience to let us express ourselves in this way".
"A new heart in my voice".
"You and your work brings happiness (and other great things) to people"
I hope that the workshops and performances will offer a similar experience to the many often 'voiceless' people who participate.[pm]

@ jazzgalerie 19:00

Alberto Braida - piano ~ Antonio Borghini - double-bass
Edoardo Maraffa - sax ~ Fabrizio Spera - percussions

a message from the italian free music scene,
a group based on four among the most active musicians from three different towns,
Rome, Bologna and Milano.
a group devoted to a radical approach to jazz and free improvisation.

Magda Mayas–Tony Buck Duo

Die Pianistin Magda Mayas arbeitete unter anderem mit Johannes Bauer, Christoph Kurzmann, Andy Moore, Tristan Honsinger und Michael Moore zusammen und kuratiert das Festival "Tasten-Berliner Klaviertage".
Schlagwerker Tony Buck, Stammgast bei den konfrontationen; musizierte unter anderem mit Jon Rose, Nicolas Collins, Tenko, John Zorn, Tom Cora, Phil Minton, Haino, Switchbox, The Machine for Making Sense, Ne Zhdall, The EX, Peter Brötzmann, Hans Reichel, The Little Red Spiders, Subrito Roy Chowdury, Clifford Jordan, Kletka Red, Han Bennink, Shelley Hirsch, Wayne Horvitz, Palinckx, Ground Zero und den Necks.

Oslo-Beirut Ensemble

Georg Graewe, Mazen Kerbaj, Susanna Gartmayer, Marco Eneidi, Sharif Sehnaoui, Ivar Grydeland, Hans Falb, Ingar Zach, Paal Nilssen-Love
Das supraantinationale All Impro Ensemble mit einer Weltpremiere...

from the north-west, touching stockholm, goin' down to vienna, nickelsdorf and finally reachin' beirut in the south-east.
this band has nothing to do with politics, yet it is daily politics. we don't save anybody's endangered life (not in gaza, iraq, afghanistan, lebanon, sudan, somalia, etc. and in all other rogue states) by playing music in this constellation.
or let's talk in the manner of the "last poets" ? "if the only thing that we can do ..."
extended european songlines which crossed at allah's place near the vienna fruit market (celeste); sorry, ivar and ingar, but the paths of you and me and the others crossed somewhere else? so let's play "something else". back in musical history i would refer to john stevens' spontaneous music ensemble. everybody in the ensemble should play in such a way that he or she can still hear clearly what's coming from all the other players; if this is not happening for you, stop, listen and come back "in a silent way".
in the mid-seventies, i believed that music is the healing force of the universe. i am not sure any more, but there is no other solution. we are weapons ---- "europeans with attitude".
let's have fun.
hans falb

Trio Offonoff

massimo pupillo ~ el bas
terrie ex ~ el gitar
paal nilssen-love ~ trommer
Im Jahre 2005 spielten die Drei gemeinsam mit Jim O'Rourke, Thurston Moore und Mats Gustafsson. Sie musizierten miteinander als ob sie seit Jahrzehnten gemeinsam auf der Bühne gestanden hatten. Ein Jahr später gründeten sie das Trio offonoff. Und in der Tat verspricht das Aufeinandertreffen des umtriebigen Terrie Ex, des zuistischen Massimo Pupillo sowie des virtuosen Paal Nilssen-Love ein würdiger Abschluss zu werden.
Und schon ist die Vorfreude auf 2008 groß......